707-R 2017 TC 125 Off-Road Build

707 Racer, Logan McChesney, started racing in District 36 big bike class late fall 2016. Just after 5 short races, this young 13 year old racer won his first “C” class overall and moved him to the “B” class to start the 2017 season. A local trucking company, Scarpete Trucking, saw the talent in McChesney after winning the youth overall championship from the 2nd row. Scarpete Trucking picked up, McChesney (Log-jam), a new 2017 Husqvarna TC 125 motocross bike. This is a perfect bike for a young, fast, competitive off-road racer. 707 Suspension started with the most important part of a race bike, the suspension. 707 revalved the forks using a mechanical o-ring style mid valve and installed the MX-Tech A48-R high pressure air cap. This air cap holds high pressure with a piston that will collapse when the main pressure reaches the high pressure psi. This resulting in a more linear rate force more like a spring and less progressive like air pressure. This would give the bike more control, better feel and eats up the choppy tracks and rocks much nicer. In the rear 707 did a revalve and resurfaced the shock piston. They also added a MX-Tech low friction bushing and tank nitrogen canister to pick up the nasty chop, rocks and roots that off-road racing offers along with a lighter spring rate for the 125lb rider. Next they hooked up with Adrian from Ride Engineering and put on a lower link for more control traction on the back end. Up front, 707, put on a oversized front rotor with a 23mm off-set triple clamp to keep the light bike and rider package planted and more stable. More fuel is a must for 2 to 3 hour race, so going with a stock 2.7 gal TX tank that bolted right up and fit nice and slim on the bike. Choosing to go with an 18inch wheel they decided to try out the new Tusk wheel combo with some blue bling. Seat Concepts seat cover for more grip and comfort. FMF fatty pipe and turbine core two spark arrestor. Craig at Corwin Motorsports cleaned up the cylinder and did his magic jetting while still allowing to run 91 octane pump gas at a 36 to 1 mix. End result is one of the baddest Husky 125 off-road bikes around. Rider feed back after all the mods was two thumbs up with great stability traction & control.